5 things every software developer must demand from his boss

As software developers, we face many health risks, either physical or mental, we need to be aware of that, our boss must be aware of that, and salary cannot cover these risks, here are 5 things that every software developer must demand from his boss!

  1. Comfy Cozy Chair
    Don’t accept any cheap ass chair, you’re sitting on it at least for 8 hours straight, imagine your body is resting in a specific form for 8 hours, and let’s imagine it’s bad form, can you imagine what these chairs are doing to you?
  2. Relaxation Room
    You’re thinking, a lot, looking at the screen, a lot, sitting on a chair, a lot, your fingers are typing, a lot, for many straight hours, a lot. That’s bad, it’s super bad, your eyes, your brain cells, your body, are fucked up! You need to have a 1-hour break, 15 minutes to eat, and 45 minutes to relax, and if you can divide those 45 minutes in order to relax every 2 hours, then do it.
  3. With a Gaming Console
    Either you’re an addicted gamer or not, video games are a great way to relax and pomp up your brain with more energy, they also make you smarter, think better, laugh, smile, and even improve your relationship with your co-workers, it’s ok to have a 15 minutes FIFA game with your buddy, right?
  4. Unlimited Supply of Coffee and Chocolate
    These 2 things make you happy and fill your body and soul with energy, who doesn’t even smile after eating a piece of chocolate? But be careful, eating a lot is bad too!
  5. Fast Computers
    Slow computers are the number 1 reason for heart attacks in software development, your IDE should run, compile, debug and do all these stuff fluently, otherwise, you’re killing your brain cells and slowing down the productivity of the company. Make sure your boss knows that!

You may think that you’re ok with your current situation, but trust me, you won’t be ok on the long run!

Are these demands legal? 😀

If you think I missed any other demand, let us know! 😉

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