6 Tips to be a good software developer and get a job in Lebanon

If you’re a software developer A.K.A programmer with a year of work experience, or you graduated but haven’t found a job yet, or still haven’t graduated from your Computer Science or Engineering major, here are my 6 tips on how to become a successful developer and get the best job.

Before you get the tips, let me tell you something first. Software developers are needed in Lebanon more than any other profession, and the demand for them has increased insanely in the last few years. But now higher expertise are required, the competition is tense, and the required skills are changing constantly. If you ask the question “is there any money in this business?”, I say hell yeah, there’s lots of money, and it’s there for you to grab it.

Ok so here we go:

  1. Learn, learn and learn
    This is the most important tip, you need to learn how to develop a program or a website or an app. By learning I mean use your free time as much as you can, Universities unfortunately are teaching programming languages like math, just a damn course with a few chapters and a final exam. So if you’re currently studying HTML or Java, that’s good but that’s not enough, you need to master these, you need to go home, turn on your laptop, grab some courses, books or videos, and start coding. You will be amazed of the new things you will learn.
  2. Be active online
    If you wanna be a good software developer then you must have a StackOverflow account, and yes earn some points by answering some questions, and spend some time reading Q&As. You need to have a Github account, use Git when working with projects, read open source code, you can find code written by Google or Microsoft Engineers, it’s there for you to grab it. Have a twitter account, you’ll find lots of great developers out there and they post daily important content, you can even interact with them.
  3. Focus on a specific path
    Don’t try to learn EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE ON EARTH! You don’t need that, it’s not a burger menu. Focus on one path, focus on very few programming languages and their best frameworks and tools. Do that early, like now, what do you like more? Java? .NET? Which one do you feel more comfortable with? Build your identity and let people say about you “This is a Java Master”.
  4. Yajib an ta3rifa al Engliziya
    You need to be fluent in English, you’re Lebanese, your tongue can speak all languages, Indians will always have that Indian accent but not you, you can even speak it better than Americans, and it’s easy, it’s everywhere, it’s in the movies, it’s on the internet, it’s in video games. You don’t need a school for it. You have to be able to express in English and to have conversations using it. In some software companies the dudes will only speak in English, don’t end up having that awkward feeling in the room, you can also be a dude.
  5. Realize that you’re not good enough
    I have 5 years of Software development experience and trust me, I’m an amateur, I’m a junior, I’m a sub junior, I am nothing. Don’t get mesmerized by those people calling themselves seniors, senior 3ala nafsak, barra ya kalb! Sorry. Honestly, it’s never enough, don’t think that you’re good, you always need to learn, you always need to evolve, and you will see that year after year, you will learn new things and you will open new roads, and you will say eventually “Damn, there’s lots of things that I don’t know”, and it’s true, it’s damn true.
  6. Be Lebanese
    Being Lebanese is an art that I haven’t mastered myself, you need to brag about yourself, let everyone think that you’re already a master, let them have a feeling that you’re the savior, talk about the new stuff and give them a feeling that you have this programming language in the palm of your hand. Just advertise yourself, build an identity, fannes, trust me everyone is doing it.

I hope my tips will help you. If you have your own tips feel free to share them!


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