Ahbal Bassem Youssef Copycat : Joe Show

Since Bassem Youssef became successful, lots of satirical “comedy” shows have appeared. Many of them brought new ideas, some were funny, some weren’t, but this guy is a complete stupid copycat.

Everyone can say a joke, it can be funny too, but comedy is an art and so every artist has his own different unique style.

After Bassem, we had in Lebanon a show for Adel Karam and another one for Hisham Haddad, although people said “they are doing like Bassem” I disagree with that. They are simply doing another show in their own style, they aren’t copying Bassem.

Bassem show was a masterpiece not just because of its contents but also because of Bassem’s character. Adel and Hisham had their own characters, they didn’t copy Bassem.

Even if Adel and Hisham aren’t funny like Bassem but I respect them for trying to do their own stuff. There’s this guy that I don’t respect, he has a show called Joe Show.

This guy is a complete copycat of Bassem, he makes the same face expressions, he uses the same expressions and words. He even uses the same camera angles and acting style. I don’t respect that.

Lately he’s been making fun of Lebanon and its political crisis. That’s another point that Bassem never did, Bassem is Egyptian and he always focused on Egyptian politics.

Don’t laugh when someone – a foreigner –  is mocking people in your country even if you don’t agree with these people. He’s using his Bassem Youssef copycat style to make fun of you.

Joe Show, is a stupid show with no genuine personality. I just wasted my time writing this post on something stupid. Don’t do that.

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