Androids vs Universe 2 – Dragon Ball Super 117

Goku is exhausted after eliminating Kefla, and so Universe 2 warriors are using this as an advantage to take down Goku whom they see as a threat. Universe 7 to the rescue!

Gohan and Piccolo are the first to rush and defend Goku, however once again they are blocked by Universe 6’s last warriors, Saonel and Pirina!

Vegeta now has a new challenge, the guy in a suit who can turn into different modes, he’s now using Battle Mode where his attacks are 300 times more powerful than usual. Vegeta wants to achieve Ultra Instinct, so he lowers his arms down and tries to clear his mind, even if he must receive some punches.

Eventually he gets pissed off, and gives him a blow in his stomach. At the same time, everyone started fighting again and the fighting stage is shinning with explosions. Of course the happiest one are Zenos.

Heles sama (the Goddess of Destruction of Universe 2) orders all her remaining warriors (5 of em) to knock of Son Goku. The Androids notice this and they want to rush and defend Son Goku, however No. 18 is still having that ankle pain. No. 17 patches her up and they talk a little about his dream to purchase a cruise.

Universe 2 warriors gang up against Goku, and they are prepared to knock him off with the power of… love!

Ribrianne and Rozie fire a blast at Goku, he is too weak to deflect it or to avoid it, the Androids come to the rescue!

Ribrianne asks the remaining 3 warriors to keep the honor of knocking Son Goku off for her and she rushes to fight No. 18, while No. 17 fights Rozie. The Androids are keeping up very well, they are dodging almost all attacks.

Ribrianne is pissed off and asks No. 18 to stop dodging, the later informs her that she’s going to win for the sake of her husband Krillin and her daughter Maron. Ribrianne mocks Krillin’s looks and says that he ain’t beautiful, this triggers No. 18 anger and the fight is resumed, but this time its more of a tag team between Androids and Rozie/Ribrianne. No. 17 makes sure to keep defending No. 18 because she’s having problems in her ankle. The Androids keeps on dodging to the moment Rozie attacks hits Ribrianne by accident and vice versa.

With a powerful blast, No. 17 eliminates Rozie. Ribrianne is exhausted and resorts to a last weapon.

Ribrianne uses an underground attack to imprison No. 18 in a “Big Amour” sort of a chamber… Now Universe 2 warriors lend energy to Ribrianne in order to transform into a giant size version almost as big as the fighting stage!

No. 18 being under threat, she remembers Krillin and Maron, and this encourages her to break free of the trap and face the giant punch of Ribrianne.

Ribrianne the Giant is no match against both No. 18 and No. 17, and she is finally knocked off the stage! She understands now that it was also love that defeated her, No. 18’s love for her family.

Universe 2 has 3 remaining warriors, and all of them are ganging up against Goku, is he able to defend himself with an exhausted stamina? 15 minutes remain for the tournament.

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