Everybody loves farming … Virtually!

Have you ever imagined yourself preparing the land, planting the seeds, removing the weeds, waiting for the crops to grow and harvest them? No? Neither did I. But it seems that everybody loves to do it in VIDEO GAMES!

Ever since the birth of Facebook and mobile games, farming games have gone through an astonishing wave of popularity. Back to the days of FarmVille and then Hay Day, people have spent hours, if not hundreds of hours (including me) on such games, they are so addicting.

You could see people of all ages playing these games, males, and females, everybody was planting seeds and harvesting crops either on their desktops or mobile phones. It’s not just that, there’s the animals part too, we became experts in chickens and eggs, cows and milk, and we prepared butter and mayonnaise and sold them (virtually), and we smiled, we were happy.

Lately, I am addicted to another farming game, this time it’s Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch. I was playing it right before I wrote this post, I play almost every night before sleeping and every morning before going to work! I need to plant potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, corn, and sell em, and earn money (virtually), and smile, and feel satisfied, hell it’s brightening up my day!

I was wondering why we get this happiness when playing such games, and it feels like it’s more about the satisfaction of accomplishment, the fact that you planted something, and you waited it to grow, and eventually it did, and you sold it, and it gave you a profit, it’s one hell of a satisfying thing! We feel a sense of success, and so we keep doing it more and more!

If only this happiness and success weren’t virtual 🙂

Do you still play any farming games?


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