FIFA 18 on the Switch is GREAT

I’ve noticed lots of negativity regarding FIFA on the Switch, mainly everyone is calling it a poor port, and that it is missing “a lot” of features, well let me tell you why I think FIFA on the Switch is good… not its GREAT!

Before I owned a Nintendo Switch, I used to enjoy FIFA on my high-end PC, and I consider my self a Keyboard master (I don’t use a joystick). I played mostly Career Mode and online Seasons, I was never actually interested in FUT.

When I saw that FIFA was going to be released for the Switch, I got so excited because this means that I’m gonna be able to play FIFA wherever I go, I’m no longer relying on a single place (where my PC is located) and a leather chair and a specific way of sitting on that chair in order to play. I was excited because I can play when I’m out, I can play on bed, either I’m laying down on my back or my belly (yes I’m giving details).

Before the game was released, more information started appearing, such as the game won’t be using the Frostbite engine and so there won’t be any Journey mode. Some features of Career Mode like some negotiation cut scenes won’t be available too, and a mini mode or two aren’t also available in FUT.

Now I’m not here to defend EA and yes it’s disappointing not to have the Journey or Forstbite, they can be honest about their reasons or they can be lazy because they didn’t put enough resources to make Frostbite run on the Switch, I’m not gonna argue about that, but FIFA 18 is not a bad port, and here’s why:

  • The game mechanics are the same as in other consoles, means we have the same passing mechanics, same shooting mechanics, same dribbling and so on…
  • Despite not using Forstbite engine, the graphics are good either in handheld mode or even when using a TV (1080p FULL HD).
  • It’s portable, you don’t need a TV to play it, you don’t need to have your console plugged into the wall, you can play literally wherever you want.
  • It has Arabic commentary no matter from where you buy it, it’s not like “Normal Edition” and “Arabic Edition” (which is more expensive) you find on the PS4.
  • Almost full experience in all modes, I am enjoying online seasons just like I did on my PC, and career mode too. I am not facing any online lag.
  • It’s FIFA!

In my opinion the game is great and I don’t regret spending 60$ on it, surprisingly it’s one of the top games that I’ve been playing recently, I never expected that one day I am able to play a game on my bed, put my console to sleep when I’m interrupted, then resume it later whenever I’m free in just a second, what makes FIFA great on the Switch is in fact that it is on the Switch!


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