6 Tips for a healthy diet with lots of food

You wanna lose weight but you’re too lazy to exercise? or you’re sick of boring diet plans and can’t keep up? Don’t worry, here are my 6 personally tested and verified tips for a healthy diet and lose weight effortlessly and efficiently!

2017 was an important year for me as I was able to lose a decent amount of weight, don’t wanna say the number but trust me, a veeeeeeery deeeeeeeecent amount of weight. I did it without visiting a nutritionist and following their happiness-destroyer mood-disorder-er future-hopes-killer diet. I did it also without going to gym or even exercising at home because my daily office job makes me too lazy to do it.

So if you’re like me, you’ve come to the right place, check out these killer tips and try them out!

  1. Eat 5 times per day
    One of the myths you probably believe in is that the less you eat, the more weight you lose, no that’s totally wrong. The less you eat, the less weight you lose, why? Because your body burns calories while doing its normal activity such as breathing and thinking and whatever. Now in order for your body to do these stuff, it needs fuel, just like a car needs fuel. Your body fuel is food, your body needs food in order to function properly, and it needs food around the clock. For this reason, you must eat 5 times per day with 2-3 hours between each meal/snack. So assuming breakfast is at 8 AM, grab a snack around 11 AM, then lunch at 2 PM, then another snack at 5 PM, then dinner at 7 PM. Hope I did the math correctly. The benefit here is that hey, you’re eating every 3 hours, you won’t starve to death.
  2. Food variety is the key
    A big mistake that people do is that they grab those “diet” snacks, a lot of em, and they spend the day eating them, thinking that a low calorie snack is a good option to lose weight. No, it’s not. Your body needs 3 things: Protein, Fat and Carbs.
    Snacks, mostly contain carbs and sugar, and basically most of the food contains carbs, so carbs is the easiest component that can be found in food, and so you have to beware not to cross your daily carbs limit. We all do, that’s why we gain weight. So in order to avoid the excess amount of carbs, the trick is to rely on snacks for carbs, and keep the meals as carbs-less as possible. How? continue reading.
  3. Food variety is the key (part 2)
    Manakish are carbs, Knefe is carbs, Bread is carbs, delete these from your breakfast list. We still need Protein and Fat remember? So for breakfast, eat eggs, boiled or fried doesn’t matter, eggs are a good source of fat, and contain almost no carbs. It’s okay to use oat bread (but not too much). Feel free to eat any veggies alongside, tomatoes, cucumber, you name it.
    We still have Protein, this is found in meat, fish, chicken or beans (lentils for example). So your lunch should consist of that, a barbecued chicken breast or some tuna or maybe a steak, or mjaddara! kel yom mjaddara?
    What about dinner? remember you had a snack before it, so if you don’t wanna feel guilty at 7 PM, just grab an apple, or a banana, but not both (ok both no problem just don’t eat too much fruits).
  4. Forbidden food
    As you noticed, if you follow my tips, you’re eating 2 snacks, eggs, meat and fruits, what else do you need dude? Ok just don’t eat the stuff that I will mention next: Mayonnaise or Ketchup (eat Mustard instead), Fried Nuts (eat Raw ones instead), Juices, bars made of sugar with added brown color (they call them chocolate), chips, Arabic sweets, all artificial sources of sugar, I don’t know just all the bad stuff, try not to visit the super market, that would be better!
  5. Patience
    You won’t lose a kilo in a day, don’t check yourself in front of the mirror after your first day of Ahbal Blog tips, don’t stand on the scale every single day, just wait, have the will to wait and use a reward system. Something like, if you stick to these tips for a month, then reward yourself with a cheesy burger and fries. Don’t worry you won’t regain your weight if you cheat that day!
  6. Last word
    Drink lots of water, and you noticed that I didn’t mention salads? I didn’t because I don’t like salads, I don’t like the green leafs, but if you do, then you’re lucky, eat salads, you know just green stuff are good so they say.

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