Here we go… Welcome to the Ahbal Blog

Hello there…

Hey you, yes you, welcome to my blog! AHBAL blog! It’s really something special for me that you’re taking part of your time to read this, things like that should be appreciated, so thanks!

So what is this blog? It’s called AHBAL blog. You may wonder why I called it like that, honestly there’s no reason, I just didn’t have a proper name, and I also wanted something small and easy to say. What I’m going to write about here are basically random things, whatever comes to my mind, so don’t expect any specific topic, and no I won’t deal with the shitty politics.

Are you still reading? Great! Thanks again! So do I think that this will take me somewhere? Nah I don’t think so, it will just be a journey of my life, and the life of my readers, a very tiny part of it, hell no one might ever read it, who knows?

Anyway, enjoy the show, grab some pop corn, and here we go!

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