How to buy an Apartment in Lebanon

You’re a Lebanese dude or dudette in your late 20’s or early 30’s and you wanna buy the apartment of your dreams, the loan is scaring you, the interests are crazy, the prices are horrifying, but fear not, I have come to the rescue with the list of tips that every Lebanese youth should follow in order to buy an apartment!

Don’t! Seriously, forget about it, don’t buy an apartment, do you really need to buy one? Are you seriously going to remain in debt for the next 30 years of your life? With such insecurity? Can you even be sure that you’re gonna have a job in the future? Or a salary good enough to pay for it? Are you seriously afraid of spending 1000$ in a casino yet it’s ok to take 200.000$ as a loan?

It’s the 21st century, you’re not living the same life as your parents, who moved into the cities and were able to buy the apartment that you’re currently living in, if they bought an apartment doesn’t mean that you can, or you should.

Oh and you’re in Lebanon, where the prices never go down, it goes down everywhere in the world except here, seriously when was the last time the 5000 LBP did for you more than it did in the year before? Prices are increasing and they will always increase, everyone is taking loans in order to survive this life, the Banks are getting richer, and you’re a poor fellow with a debt heavier than what your shoulders can take!

So what are the alternatives? If you’re living in the city but you’re not actually from this city, like Beirut, then why do you really wanna buy something there? Go back to your village, use the land that your father owns and build something with 30K, 40K or 50K, something cute, something cozy, at least there’s no pollution there, at least it’s the lands of your fathers!

Oh but my Job is in beirut! Ok, if your time is so precious and you cannot waste 2 hours on the road, then rent an apartment in Beirut, make sure it’s cheap, like some money you won’t be sad for, or live with other people, like, you can rent an apartment with another friend or two, you can split the cost!

Ok so, sharing apartments, that’s a nice idea, of course you have to sacrefice some privacy but come on, screw my privacy I don’t wanna stay in debt! Also, why make the Banks more rich? They are greedy evil people who robs you in every damn transaction you make.

So if you got plans to buy something in the city, between all the car horns (peep peep peep) and the pollution and the noises and the greedy people, cancel those plans, work for objectives that are reasonable, use your money in a smart way!

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