A Job that doesn’t require a Wasta in Lebanon

A large number of Lebanese living in Lebanon are doomed because they are unable to grab some jobs that require a wasta. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with a job that doesn’t require one, and it pays well!

Why doesn’t it require a wasta? Because this job is crucial! If the employee ain’t working properly means he ain’t working at all, it doesn’t mean that he’s working in a bad way, there’s no bad way in this job, there’s either working or not working!

So assuming you have a restaurant, yes there could be a good chef and a bad chef, they are both cooking the meals, the meal will either be good or bad, but it’s there, and it’s going to sell, and people will eat it, well they may throw up after that but it works either way!

In Software Development, there’s no bad or good, there’s either working (money) or not working (no money), that’s why companies cannot hire any kind of people. Yes, you may argue that some “developers” are really bad but eventually, there’s someone out there who’s covering up, and the work is not blocked.

I know several people who didn’t even study programming yet they ended up being software developers, and their salaries as of this moment vary between 1500$ and 2000$, I know other people who didn’t even dream about software development yet they practice it to earn their living.

Software Development needs smart hard-working employees, not random ones with a wasta behind their backs, it is a profession that you can learn anytime and anywhere, on your bed or in a toilet! It’s the job of the future and as hard as you work on yourself, as higher your salary will get!

Do you also have a job that doesn’t require a wasta?

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