Why Lebanon will never get better?

You’re still young and feeling pessimistic about your future in Lebanon? Or you’ve got a family and you’re worried about the future of your children? You think Lebanon will get better? Well if you’re one of those then let me give you the good news.

Actually there’s no good news, I lied so you can continue reading, but hey don’t worry, I will give solutions.

So why Lebanon sucks right now?

  • Unemployment

So when someone doesn’t have a job, means he/she doesn’t have an income, and when there’s no income, he/she can’t buy anything, and when there’s no purchase, then others won’t earn any money, so there’s no money.

But why, is the country really out of jobs? Well not that much honestly. Yes we did witness some stores closing here and there but that doesn’t mean that jobs don’t exist, it’s just that, for a Lebanese to be able to sustain himself/herself in Lebanon, there’s a basic salary, and employers aren’t ready to pay that, so instead the jobs are given to foreigners who are OK with taking a much lower salary than that requested by a Lebanese.

Who’s responsible? The DAWLÉ, who should enforce BIGGER taxes on employers who employ foreign employees, and should also prosecute all those employers employing illegal foreign employees, but they don’t, why? Because the inspector is a mother ******* corrupt bribe slave employed by who? the DAWLÉ!

  • Low Salaries

For those blessed with a job, without a WASTA (nepotism), a large number of them earn really low salaries, and this is the reflection of the shitty economic situation in all the country. I’ve written before about the minimum required salary to get married (and live a “hayat karimi”).

So how is the youth supposed to build a future, how are they supposed to afford a house loan (R.I.P Iskan)? They say don’t own an apartment, just go for rent, as if rent prices are cheap? like if someone earns 800$ (majority according to some statistics) per month and his/her rent costs him/her 400$-500$ then how the **** is he/she supposed to afford the rest of expenses?

Who’s responsible? The DAWLÉ, who has robbed us in different ways over the past years, not just by raising the TVA, but also by some other stupid things like changing the car plate numbers, car driving licenses, and some other insane things just so they can raise the  salaries and retirement paychecks of those who work for the DAWLÉ, means the WASTA people, means those who work barely 4 hours per day and not just that, they live on bribes, the most ugly and disrespectful employees in the country (yes you, I’m talking to you little dirty *****), but for those who work without a WASTA or in the private sector, then the DAWLÉ doesn’t enforce anything, it doesn’t even raise the minimum salary which is like 450$? What the ****? You serious?

  • WASTA (nepotism)

I’m not gonna talk about WASTA in a sense that those who deserve the job aren’t getting it, I will talk about how the WASTA affects the country.

In Lebanon, there’s almost a million DAWLÉ employee in a population of 4 millions, now remove the children and the elders and that’s like half of those who are able to work. This is what the WASTA does to our country:

The DAWLÉ employee gets a very good salary for few hours of work, and in addition to that, he/she is secured in many other sides like healthcare, education etc…

The DAWLÉ employee is never under danger of being fired, because no one can, because someone in the DAWLÉ gave him/her the job, and no one can remove him/her from this job.

Eventually this lovely DAWLÉ employee doesn’t need to prove himself/herself to his DAWLÉ that he/she is a better employee so he/she can keep his/her job, it’s like, God has given you paradise right from birth, no need to pray 5 times every day or go to church every Sunday, no duties, nothing to do so you can prove yourself, you got your gift already!

And so the DAWLÉ employee becomes a greedy bastard, who uses his/her position to enslave the rest of people, by slacking off at work, and arriving late, and taking a long time in completing transactions so YOU, can fill his/her pockets with some MORE money.

All of this turns those million employee (not generalizing there’s good people as well) into really degenerated people, thus affecting their children, and so this WASTA thing is only contributing to worsen the Lebanese culture and mentality, raising bastard children looking to eat each other for the sake of money.

Who’s responsible? the DAWLÉ!

  • The DAWLÉ

Ehmm….. yeah.

Who’s responsible? (go down)









The people.

This is gonna be harsh but I’m sorry.

Hey you idiot, you have been toyed by the same ****** politicians for the last ***** 40 years. They are still alive and even if they die, their children are already taking their places. They have affected you emotionally and you still think they are the ones protecting your race, religion and whatever. They have used this to control you and your daddy and yet you haven’t figured it out. They have filled their pockets will millions of dollars to secure themselves and their children while you’re working you ass off to earn some hundred dollars to feed yourself and your family. You have voted for them over and over and you haven’t learned. You’re an idiot. In other countries, if the electricity goes off for 1 minute the minister quits his job. But here if a bastard minister wants to drive his car, the whole streets are closed for the sake of his ass. While he drives in a an escort of bodyguards (DAWLÉ employees) you wait on that green light but with another idiot DAWLÉ employee asking you not to drive. There’s no more house loans you idiot, and it’s only gonna get worse, until the currency crumbles, and the 1500 L.L. you use to buy some loafs of bread won’t even be enough to buy a gum. Idiot. You want a solution? If you can’t die for your future generations, then sit at home and read this stupid article over and over. You got around a million DAWLÉ idiot employee to face, they are happy, they got money, that’s why they don’t wanna change the country, because their jobs will be in danger, their empires will be in danger, you happy you idiot?


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