A Letter to my Future Self

Imagine if you could send a letter to your future self. Your future self means, yourself in the future. What would you say? Would you ask some questions? Or would you send some wishes?

I was listening to a song that goes by…

A letter to my future self

Am I still happy? I began

Have I grown up pretty?

Is daddy still a good man?

And honestly, the whole idea of sending a letter to my future self is all about pressing the breaks, taking a deep breath and analyzing my life.

We go daily to work, and we…. work and work and work and God knows what else happens there and then we get back home, spend a few hours with the family and then sleep. We repeat that daily, it’s a routine, and living similar days actually takes the joy off these days as nothing feels special.

It’s like a diet, sometimes you just can’t lose weight anymore, it’s like your body blocked weight loss, so what do you do? You cheat for 2 days and eat those delicious cheesy burgers in order to shock your body, positively, and then the diet will work again.

OK so, BREAK! Gotta break the routine, but I can’t escape from work at the moment, neither from some house responsibilities… maybe I should try to do something new, something I would never thought I would do.

So if I would send a letter to my future self, mainly I would ask if I fulfilled my dreams, if I wasted any precious moments or taken any wrong decisions, and as any other Lebanese I would also ask, have I bought an apartment? Is my salary enough? Do I have a good car?

What would you ask in your letter?

Oh and if you wanna listen to the song, it’s really good! Here you go…

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