Minimum required salary to get married in Lebanon

Marriage, the essence of life, the root of everything, and the crucial thing that humanity cannot abandon in order to preserve its continuation, so it’s basically the reason why we work! Is your salary enough to get married in Lebanon?

Hello, I assume that the reason why you’re reading this is that you’re a male and you wanna get married, but if you’re not a male, or if you don’t wanna get married, or if you’re outside these categories for any reason, it’s ok, keep on reading!

So when a guy thinks about marriage, his first concern is money, that’s normal, you need money to do almost anything, and he starts to ask himself, is my salary enough? can I rent/buy an apartment? can I afford to provide a family? with kids? 1 kid? 2 kids? what about 3?

These are serious and good questions, but before answering any of em, we should also ask other questions, such as, why is my salary like this? can I improve it? what is my employment situation? can it get any better? am I working for the right company? should I start my own business?

And so when you begin answering these questions, you may realize that you can improve your salary, you can have more money eventually, it needs planning and courage, other people did it, and so you can!

So after dealing with the employment issue, it’s time to monitor our expenses, because honestly, we spend a lot of useless money on a lot of useless things, I’m not saying, don’t buy the things you like, just ask yourself if you really need that thing right now at this moment, and if not, save the cash.

Now by becoming your own money accountant, it’s time to focus on the important things related to marriage, accommodation, transportation and monthly expenses. For the house, check out my opinion regarding buying an apartment in Lebanon.  For the transportation, cars are cheap these days, you don’t need a brand new car, get a used one, seriously you’re contributing to the destruction of planet Earth by buying more new cars, it’s like you spend a lot of money for the sake of your children but you’re actually killing them in the long run, and you’re making rich people richer, and you’re putting a loan on your neck.

Monthly expenses, this is something that you need to plan with your future wife, of course, if she accepts your situation, means she’s worthy of being your wife, otherwise you will find a woman that truly understands you and accepts you as you are.

Now don’t freak out, this is the initial situation only because the laws of nature say that your salary will improve unless companies in Lebanon are living in another alternate dimension.

Are you married? How much do you earn? Do you have better tips? Let me know!

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