Old man at the bank

One day I’ll stand in his shoes…

I went today to the bank early morning, they open at 8:00 PM and I was there 5 minutes later, yeah I’m grabbing my salary! I was welcomed by that beautiful female employee with a big smile on her face, smiling to people is important, very important, a single smile can make your day better, so yeah smile to people, they probably teach that as part of the étiquette.

Anyways while she’s doing the paperwork an old man came with a cheque and surely I let him stand first in the line (I was the only one in the line). I looked at him talking to the employee and honestly the scene just made me wonder and ponder about myself, I’m young now, I’m healthy, and I can do lots of things this old man can’t, I should be grateful for that.

But also I started thinking about myself there in the bank, first we go to fetch our salaries, later on we start taking loans and pay for them, eventually retirement (hopefully I will get some money for retirement), so one day I’m gonna be just like him, standing in the line and waiting for an employee to fix my papers, although now that beautiful employee was probably older than me, one day I’m gonna be way older than her, and there will be another young man standing over there, hopefully we would let me take his place.

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