Rise up! Warriors of Sparta! – Part 1

I’m a history fanatic so tonight I decided to revisit a very dear video game to my heart, Total War : Rome 2. I started playing the Wrath of Sparta campaign because the events are the oldest among the other campaigns. I want to complete them one after the other in chronological order.

So the story happens 40 years after the Greeks have defeated Persia in the Battle of Salamis in 480 BC, yes that’s the ending of the movie 300 : Rise of an Empire. This Hellenic Alliance did not last for long as some states started getting suspicious of Athens goals, which turned the Greek cities into naval bases. And so a series of events have forced the Spartans to rise against Athens by forming an alliance with the Corinthians that was historically called the Peloponessian League.

I will be controlling the Spartans, and at the moment I’m in control of Sparta, Messenia, Kythera, Pylos and Lamia.

My primary objective is to control 4 total provinces either by direct ownership or through alliances/states (currently I’m in complete control of Lakedaimon and also in control of Boiotia through my allies), in this process I should also make sure that Argos (located north of Sparta) is under my control.

By looking closely at the map, from a Geo-Political aspect, my objective would be easiest if I control the northern provinces of Elis and Argolis since 2 of my allies already have some control in those areas, so normally my first target would be Argos.

I will attack Argos by an army from Sparta, but at the same time I will keep an army on guard in Messenia in case the enemy decides to attack it as a retaliation. I will also make sure that the attacking army from Sparta is well numbered because I should expect 2 quick battles, the battle to take Argos and the battle to defend it.

Now the plan is set, I have to check my economic status, I’m gonna set up trade routes with my northern allies. I will upgrade the port in Pylos and make it a harbor, since this port is currently used for sea trade, this will increase my sea trade income.

I have trained additional Perioikoi Hoplites and Helot Archers, and my allies have gladly accepted the trade routes offer. Surprisingly Argos have offered a mutual non-aggression pact, and they have even demanded money in exchange.

Unfortunately I’m gonna have to refuse, not just because Spartans are proud people and they wouldn’t accept money in exchange of peace, but the Athenians have gathered some armies near Boiotia  and it seems they are about to attack my allies, and I can’t afford risking any time that the Athenians can use in order to expand their power.

In the meantime, Melos, a settlement located on an island (it is also part of the Argolis province) have offered trading, since they are also Dorians they somehow like Sparta, and they actual detest the Athenians because of their expansionism, so building the trust with Melos could lead eventually to them becoming my allies, and this is a key point for me to achieve my objective in controlling the Argolis province.

Financially secured with trade routes, the army is ready in Sparta, it’s time to move on Argos.

To be continued in part 2!


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