Rise up! Warriors of Sparta! – Part 2

Beware Argos! Sparta is on the march! Ahou Ahou Ahou!

As the army of Sparta heads towards Argos, the Athenians have gathered more forces near Thebai as they might be planning on attacking my allies.

Argos seems to have brought some naval reinforcements, but they won’t stand a chance against the Spartan spears and shields.

In times of war, it is crucial to maintain public order, and so I must please my people, for this reason I have started constructing a shrine for the Gods in Messenia.

The Aetolian League have offered to be my defensive allies, they control a region in Central Greece in which Athens also shares it with them. They aren’t too friendly with the Athenians so they might turn out to be a good source of help in the future. Offer has been accepted.

The trade route with Melos has bared its fruits, they have offered a non-aggression pact and I gladly accepted it.

The Spartans are now surrounding Argos and the battle has started. Argos contains a defensive army however their true power is in the reinforcements coming from the sea. Facing both at the same time could make this battle very difficult, so the plan is to isolate the incoming reinforcements from the city. Destroy them at shore, and then attack the remaining garrisoned forces.

Sea reinforcements were defeated. The remaining army has unleashed a final assault against the Spartans.

The Spartans emerge victorious.

Now that Argos has been taken, the remaining forces in Mantineia have offered peace and coins. Stategcly my goal is to capture the province, so either I have to crush them or make them my allies. Under this defeat they remain hopeless, so I forced upon them to become my client state, that’s basically… my puppets!

By the way, we are here changing the course of history, although it’s still 432 BC, but in 418 BC Sparta took over Mantineia from Argos and Athens hands, are they preparing a revolt against me?

One more city before I gain complete control over the province of Argolis, which is Melos. I will rely on the possible good relation with Melos in order to spread my control all over Argolis.

In the meantime, Macedon have declared war on my Korinthos allies, and to keep maintain my alliance with them, I must gladly accept to join them in battle.

Now it’s time to decide the next step, preferably to remove any Athenian control from Central and Western Greece.

To be continued in Part 3.

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