Rise up! Warriors of Sparta! – Part 3

As Sparta increases its control over Greece, it is crucial to protect its back when facing Athens. And so two Athenian cities must be taken, Zakynthos the island in the Ionian sea and Naupaktos which serves as an important naval station for the Athenians.

The army that is currently in Messenia can be used to attack Zakynthos, but it requires additional forces, for this reason, new Spartan Hoplites and Helot Archers are under recruitment. In preparation for this army’s departure, the Spartans have recruited another general to remain in this region.

The army that is currently in Argos shall remain for two reasons, first, the public order is fragile because of the last battle, and second, just as a safety measure against any possible Athenian attack on the eastern front.

The year is still 432 BC, and Autumn has arrived alongside the Olympic Games, it is strange how the people of Greece maintain such tradition even in times of war. There is a choice to be made, basically, it determines how much Sparta is interested in these games.

To increase the chances of winning the Olympic games and prove to all Greece that Sparta is the true Greek leader, the Spartans will sponsor an athlete even if it costs a good amount of gold. The income has doubled because of the trade routes and so the money that is spent can be easily regained.

As Autumn passes by, Makedon has offered a peace treaty, however, Sparta cannot accept as long as wars remain between them and its allies. Melos have offered to become Sparta’s defensive allies, and this is a key point in order for Sparta to control the whole province of Argolis.

The Olympics were a success, Spartans are happy about it, it has increased public order in all of Sparta.

The Athenians have gathered some forces in Oeros which is close to the city of Lamia. A Spartan army is available in the city, however, it may be not enough to hold a large Athenian army, and so additional Spartan Youths are being trained.

The people of Kydonia have offered trade agreement, they too are Dorians, and they detest the Athenians for their expansionism, having friends is a key strategy for Sparta to rule over Greece!

Winter has come, nope that Game of Throne’s winter, but it’s October. It appears the Spartans used to “cull” the Helots, which means basically… slaughter them. Helots were the slaves of Sparta, and they had a lower social status, at the end of each Autumn, Spartans would kill some Helots to cut down their population and use this as a proof of power in order to become Spartan elites! You can read about.

Although winter is not favorable for battles, the Spartans will use this time to move the army of Messenia to Zakynthos, the army shall pass through the lands of Elis the allies.

December 432 BC, the army upkeep cost has increased and it is affecting the treasury of Sparta, taxes must be raised but the people will get mad over time. Pylos will be upgraded to a Market Settlement which will increase the income, in the end, the taxes cannot remain high forever.

January 431 BC, Spring has arrived and alongside good news, the Aitolian League have offered to become my military allies, this will give Sparta more control over northern Greece. Kydonia have offered a non-aggression pact, another step towards a better friendship with the southern island.

Good news are not over yet, my allies the Boiotian League are now sieging Kalkis which is an Athenian city north of Athens. This could separate Oeres from Athens and that’s a good chance for the Spartan army located at Lamia to capture Oreos.

February 431 BC, the Isthmian games are about to begin and Sparta is going to sponsor athletes, this will make the people happy. The Spartan army is ready to cross from Elis to Zakynthos in a narrow sea pass, hoping that no Athenian fleet will stop it. Income has increased and so taxes are now lowered.

March has arrived and so the defensive alliance offer from Kydonia, Sparta will gladly accept. Great news from the east, the Boiotians have taken over Kalkis and are marching towards Oeros. Lamia is under threat, it seems that an Athenian army is coming from the north, from the lands of the Thessalian League, allies of Athens.

Oreos has fallen and the Athenians are now weaker. May has arrived and with it, the Cult of Helen are happily singing and dancing in honor of Helen of Troy.

June arrives with great news, Spartan allies Korinthos have taken over Naupaktos and thus no more Athenian control in central Greece. The Spartan army has arrived in Zakynthos and the city is now under siege! The city shall tremble when they hear the sounds of the spears bashing the shields! Ahou Ahou Ahou!

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