Rise up! Warriors of Sparta! – Part 4

Athens has lost control over Central Greece, it is time to remove any remnants on the western front. The Spartans have reached the shores of Zakynthos safely. It’s time to take the city! Ahou Ahou Ahou!

The Spartan army have arrived at the island of Zakynthos and it’s time to attack the city. The army of the Athenians is composed of sea and land units, so I order to prevent them from joining, the sea units must be intercepted and dealt with.

The Spartans dispatches a force to the left flank and the incoming sea units are intercepted and defeated.

The remaining Athenian forces have no other option but to lunch a final attack against the Spartans and so they advance to the outskirts of the city. They are confronted by the fierce Spartan shields and spears. The battle is tense and the Athenians are fighting till death, Spartan horsemen are outflanking the Athenian forces from the right.

The army that captured Zakynthos have discovered that the Athenians control another island to the north of Zakynthos, this island must be taken in order to complete remove any Athenian control from Western Greece.

Back to Sparta’s main objective which is to control 4 provinces, currently Sparta is in control of 3, The Lakedaimon province (where the city of Sparta is located), Aitolia and Bioitia (through Sparta’s allies). Elis and Argolis (north of Lakedaimon) are not yet completely controlled by Sparta. The Akaian League control the city of Patrai. Sparta shall initiate diplomatic talks as they seem friendly, making them allies will make all of Elis under Spartan control.

July 413 BC, the Akaian League have accepted a non-aggression pact with Sparta. Spartan treasury is astonishing, and so the village of Kythera (south of Sparta) shall be upgraded to a settlement. The farms of Argos shall be expanded as well, as they provide a good amount of food.

August 413 BC, Melos have offered military alliance, and Sparta has gladly accepted, this brings all of Argolis province under Spartan control and so the main objective is completed. Epeiros to the north have offered an alliance, although they are enemies of Athens, they also have a bad relation with the Aiotolian League and so Sparta must not jeopardize its relation with the Aiotolian League, and so the offer was refused. Gortyna (southern island of Crete) have offered a defensive alliance and Sparta has accepted.

A look at the current Geo-political map:

Sparta’s next main objective is to raise a massive army of 100 units, currently Sparta has 44 units, so it must raise more units than it currently has, but a large army has a high upkeep cost, and so Sparta’s financial situation must be able to support this massive army, the city of Sparta shall be upgraded to a Polis, this will provide additional military garrison and increase the income from all sources.

Winter has come, and so did the Nemean Games, and Sparta shall sponsor an athlete for these games. The Akaian League (after Sparta made a non-aggression deal with them) have now offered an alliance, and Sparta has accepted, this brings Elis under full Spartan control through allies.

December 431 BC, Knossos, the last city in Crete, have offered a defensive alliance and Sparta has accepted. Taxes have been increased in order to help in paying the army upkeep.

February 430 BC, The Boiotian League have captured the city of Karystos (east of Athens) from Athenian hands.

April 430 BC, Sparta now has 61 units including a fleet. The Boiotian League are not taking it easy, they have laid a siege on Athenai!

Will Athenai fall? To be continued in Part 5!

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