I am sick of fast food

Every day I go to work and around 12 PM my belly starts itching, and unfortunately because I’m too busy I have no time to prepare food at home. I ended up today ordering food like everyone else, it’s prepared fast, delivered fast, it’s called fast food.

I am deeply sick of it. Yes that bun and that burger and those fries and the coke and the cheese and the breaded stuff and the sauces, I’m sick of em. Yes, they look fancy on that Facebook Ad everyone is seeing daily eating the same thing every day is really intolerable.

I cannot claim that I come from a traditional Lebanese village background, I’m not a fan of Makdous, but I honestly missing some traditional food and mainly Tabekh el Beit or Home-Cooked-Healthy Food. It’s lighter on the stomach and it’s guilt-free.

Maybe it’s a good thing that I’m feeling this way, my body and mind are reacting, it’s time for a new diet.



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