I am sick … I hate my life

I live most of the year a healthy peaceful life, but then winter comes, and with winter the flu comes. These days are the most annoying days of the entire year.

Getting cold and having a flu basically renders me a useless human being for some period of time, I skip my job and I lay down on bed, with a bag of tissues beside me. Two types of pills, and a box of specially made bonbon for the throat.

A warm cup of milk comes, and then a warm cup of tea follows, no mood for any food. Just laying on bed and the phone in my hand, YouTube is my friend. The nose running is so annoying, it makes me angry, when my nostrils are blocked and I can only breath from my mouth.

I begin cursing my life, Oh God why did you do this to me! I really get mad because I hate being “paralyzed”. But now I’m getting better, my nostrils are almost clear and I’m breathing well, and then I decide to write this because there’s something I wanted to share.

Look how a simple sickness that I get at least once every year has changed my life and mood. It is something to really ponder about. I start to think about my health, am I eating right? am I doing things right? Is my body missing anything?

Healthy is the most important thing in life, because this life depends on it, it is true that we are breathing technically an air filled with shit, but it is also our duty to try to be healthy as much as we can because at the moment I am not.

I got mad for a simple sickness and honestly what can I say about myself when compared with people who maybe lost an arm, or lost a leg, or they have a cancer or something. I’m sure they are adapting to their situation and I should too.

Health comes first, if there’s only one thing to waste money on, it should be the good health, good food, doctor checkups, healthy lifestyle.

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