Sunday’s reflection on Job. Am I satisfied?

Sunday is nearly over, you have rested well hopefully, but now you’re thinking about Monday and going back to your job. Does it stress you out? Do you need a change? Can you take an action?

Why do we work? Because we need to earn money in order to continue on living in a good way, like eating proper warm food, clothing our bodies during winter, provide for our parents or kids and so on. But work also stresses out our bodies physically and our brains mentally and the last is the most serious issue.

You may feel bad about going to our office tomorrow because maybe you don’t like your boss, or you don’t like your co-workers, or the job simply doesn’t suit you, or the salary ain’t enough and you feel like being underpaid. Reasons vary but the damage is the same.

The damage is so serious that it affects many parts of your life, you may not sleep well, you may be less sociable, it can hurt your health and type of food (like I was struggling with fast food), it could make you more angry, less tolerable to those who are around you, it could destroy your dreams and hopes.

The first thing you must do is to realize this damange, be aware of it, and decide to take an action to counter it. Why? Because that company, and its money, and that boss, and his money, are not worth killing yourself for their sake.

Life is important, yes it’s temporary but time passes by so quickly we don’t realize we’re missing too much good stuff, if you had a good week you may end up happy on your weekend, but if work is killing your happiness then your weekend mood won’t be so good, you may skip going out with your friends because of it, you may be dragged into other problems because of it. Realize how important your life is.

Now it’s time to take an action. What’s the problem? your salary ain’t enough? Ask your boss for a raise, it’s a normal thing, don’t freak out about it. Is the work environment annoying you for some reason? complain about it. Are you handling too much issues while a co-worker is slacking off, talk about it.

You probably heard of the term life-work balance before, balance is not only about the amount of time that you give to work compared to your off-work time. Balance is about preventing work from ruining your life.


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