Technology vs Salary – Software Developers in Lebanon

You’re either working using an old technology or a new one, your salary might be a good one or a bad one, the worst case is when you have to decide between a good salary + old technology and a less-than-good salary + a new technology.

Lots of Software Development companies in Lebanon are using old technologies, and that’s not surprising, either because they are maintaining old systems that basically form the majority of their products, or because simply they aren’t prepared to take a new step further, or maybe because there’s no real need or they don’t see any benefit. Reasons vary and the issue is one.

Now some Software Developers have a problem with that, because if they love what they do, then they won’t like the idea of working with old stuff while technology is moving at the speed of light. Some may not care, like yeah there’s a new framework so what?

The developers who care also take in consideration the path of their career, you may not always remain at the same company, the new companies might ask for new technology expertise, and these developers don’t have these expertise!

It gets worse when these companies offer good salaries, the developer is now being tempted, that’s lots of cash! And so here we have more than one opinion, so may say, forget the technology, money is why we work for in the first place! Some others may say, don’t think about money now! You need to stay up-to-date with the latest stuff, you’ll get money in the future!

Of course the best situation would be, new technology and a good salary, some companies may offer that, but that’s not always the case.

What would your decision be under this situation? Would you go after the money regardless if it’s old technology? Or would you put your wallet on diet in exchange for modern expertise? Let people know where you work at and describe your situation!

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