6 things Software Developers must not do at Work

Software Development is a profession that is primarily based on thinking, so in an environment of geeks, you must make sure not to provoke co-workers with un-geeky behavior. Here’s a few things that a Software Developer must not do at work.

  1. Don’t Guess
    Why you’re having a NullPointerException, it’s not something to wonder about, don’t waste your time trying to guess why you’re having a specific problem, just debug it. Your first response to an error should not be “Ouf ya allah!” “Leh hek?” “Fi shi ma tabi3e”, just debug it and you will find the reason for that error. Guessing wastes your time and makes other developersย  mad at you.
  2. Don’t ask for help … a lot
    Don’t ask your fellow co-workers to solve your problem, not before doing your own homework, Google is your best friend. After debugging an issue, if the error doesn’t seem clear then search for it, it’s not only about relying on yourself and not wasting the time of other developers, you will learn more when you search, you will read more and this is how you accumulate experience.
  3. Don’t try to be a pro when you’re not
    The less you talk the better, specially about something you’re not experienced in, you don’t wanna end up feeling stupid, right? You should wait before trying to discuss something as a pro, not until you have grasped enough knowledge about it, and this means that lots of the ambiguity is gone concerning it.
  4. Don’t try to prove that you’re right … always
    You may be right sometimes, but not always. Remember that you’re working in a place filled with geeks. You cannot be stubborn on some ideas that are wrong, smart people hate that. Learn that you’re not always right and that there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s completely natural.
  5. Don’t disrespect the profession
    For people who love this profession, they cannot tolerate anyone who disrespects it. If you love software development then there’s no problem here, if you’re coding because you happen to be coding for some unknown reason, and you’re not happy with it, try not to express those thoughts.
  6. Don’t be passive
    Don’t be a robot, if someone asked you to do A B and C, don’t do just A and B, and don’t do just A B and C, if you can add some spices on the C or do even a D (make sure it’s a smart move) then do it. Software Developers are artists, they are creative people, they discuss about their art and try to make it better even if it seems fine.

Write these down on a small paper and make sure to avoid them!

If you got your own tips, feel free to share them ๐Ÿ˜‰

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