Time is passing by

We get distracted that we are losing time

When the weekend arrives, we disconnect ourselves from our jobs and we indulge in a new temporary 2-days experience. Some may simply rest at home, others may visit their villages. Some may enjoy the nightlife, and others could be even struggling with others matters. However you have decided to spend your last weekend, just remember that time is passing by.

Damn, I’m getting old, we all are, and it seems that it happened in a blink of an eye, I’m no longer that baby who was taken by his brothers to school. I’m no longer that kid who spent most of his time thinking about homework. Neither that youth who enjoyed time with friends in the university.

Time passes quickly and we don’t realize it most of the time, we may have a thousand things in mind to do but time is quick. It’s something that I worry about, not that time passes, only that I may be not doing what I must do during this time.

It’ time to plan and re-schedule my life again, fix the priorities and put deadlines, just like we do it at work.



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