Travel through space time every morning

Have you ever wondered when it’s the most peaceful and quite time of a day? It’s around 4 in the morning. For some magical reason, the human brain thinks differently around this time. It’s as if the brain transcends daily life concerns and attains a new level of awareness (too bad it’s temporary).

Waking up at this hour is a blessing, you feel enormous energy in your body, you go to the balcony and stare at the dark sky and the bright stars, and  you feel the breeze of cold air. It’s quite, it’s peaceful, and it’s a good time to be also productive, to study, to prepare emails, check up on your torrent download :B or to make any kind of activity.

Now let me give you a piece of advice, a perfect peaceful time needs a perfect music, a music that allows you to travel through time and space (while you’re sitting on the couch), it’s none but the masterpiece of Hans Zimmer : Interstellar:

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