Ultra Instinct in Action – Dragon Ball Super 116

Super is the name of this Dragon Ball and it’s really really Super! We get to see Ultra Instict in action again! Goku has broken through his shell again, but what about Kefla? Can she even power up more and more?

Kefla is pushing Goku to his limits and so in the previous episode he was able to achieve the new Ultra Instinct technique, notice that I said technique and not form because that’s how it seems it is, he is basically in his base form. (Imagine Super Saiyan Blue + Ultra Instinct + Kaio Ken)

The episode begins with Goku powering up and a bad-ass new-fan-favorite much-needed statement from Goku:

“You can’t beat me anymore” – Everyone here was like THANK GOD KICK HER OUT ALREADY. Everyone seems amazed at what Goku has achieved again, even Zen-Oh Sama!

Yes he’s going all bwaah! bwaah! This is Zen-Oh Sama’s name for Ultra Instinct. Whis has explained the Kefla’s massive energy rivals the one of the Spirit Bomb and so Goku was forced to go one step beyond. However it seems this bwaah bwaah isn’t mastered yet, and Champa knew about it, so he urges Kefla “To knock him off before mastering Ultra Instinct”.

Kefla as always she gets more excited when Goku takes his power to a new level, she always wants a better challenge in order for her to go even further beyond. This time, she turns into Super Saiyan 2!

This is about to be the most intense fight in the tournament, probably more than Goku and Jiren’s fight, an Ultra Instinct Saiyan vs a Potara-fused Super Saiyan 2 (and something unknown yet to answer why the hell she is so powerful).

Kefla strikes first!

But Goku dodges it 😉

Kefla with his quiet impressive speed attacks Goku with everything she got, yet Goku is simply dodging, who’s watching this? Vegeta! He remembers when Whis was training them and when he told them that each body part must think by itself. He is happy that if Kakarot can be Ultra Instinct then he also can be one.

Goku keeps on dodging all Kefla’s attacks. Until he decides to land a punch right in her stomach. She is almost beaten by that simple punch, however, Goku isn’t happy with his punch.

Kefla comes back and mocks his attack, she asks him if this is everything he got, he says No, he’s just getting used to his Ultra Instinct (HE HASN’T MASTERED IT YET).  Jiren wakes up from his meditation, he wants to watch the fight as well like everyone is.

Goku strikes, instantaneously he appears behind Kefla (without using instant transmission) and lands a series of punches that she didn’t even see them coming. Yet Goku isn’t happy about his attacks. Whis explains that in attack mode, Goku hasn’t mastered Ultra Instinct, he is thinking before attacking.

The 2 fighters prepare for a final confrontation.

Kefla powers up insanely and her body emits energy in all directions, the fighting stage is shaking, no one has seen such powerful energy before. Goku begins dodging her attacks while preparing a KaMeHaMeHa wave.

Goku dodges Kefla’s final attack in a really ass kicking way, and he blows her face up with his KaMeHaMeHa.

And finally, after seeing this, we are finally happy!

Claulifa and Kale are out, Universe 6 has only 2 warriors left. Goku’s stamina is exhausted and clearly he needs to rest, Freiza knows that Goku is the only one who can make Universe 7 win, might he lend him more of his energy? Is Jiren going to attack Goku now or wait for him to recover? Is Goku able to defeat Jiren with an un-mastered Ultra Instinct?

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