Ultra Instinct Reborn – Dragon Ball Super 115

Kefla is calling Super Saiyan God attacks “lame”! How powerful is she? Can she defeat Super Saiyan Blue? Lacking stamina does Goku have any trump cards? Dragon Ball Super 115!

In this week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super, Goku is facing the enormous infinite energy of Kefla, the Potara fusion between Kale and Caulifla. The fight continues as Kefla is having the upper hand against a Super Saiyan God Goku, yes the red haired one, a lot of fans would argue here that no matter how powerful Kefla is, can she really face someone using God Ki?

In the meantime, Vegeta is still fighting Toppo but he’s more concerned about Goku’s fight, it’s a fight between Saiyans anyway, and Frieza is still enjoying it as well as Zeno-sama!

Gohan and Piccolo are also still fighting against those two Universe 6 Namekians. They form a good team however are they using the full potential power? Gohan can probably defeat them both in Ultimate form.

Kefla’s successive powerful attacks and energy blasts thrown at Goku forces him to go even futher beyond, to Blue! And everyone was so happy about it and Vegeta himself smiled. Kefla also decides to take things further beyond and goes Super Saiyan.

The battle goes super intense and the arena is shaking, Kefla’s power is amazing and seems evenly matched with Goku’s Blue (however he’s lacking stamina). Goku never ceases to amaze as he uses the Kaio Ken technique even under these circumstances and Kefla is almost defeated. Howeve it seems that she wasn’t using her full potential yet. Eventually she tricks Goku with some Ki Blasts and he let his guards down, Goku is flanked, kicked and beaten.

At this point, Goku is on the ground in his base form, defeated, exausted and not enough stamina to keep up the fight. Yet does he surrender, you know he him! This time, Kefla insists on kicking him out of the stage, shes fires 6 enormous Ki Blasts but wait, they diverged, no one saw what happened, Goku raises his head and yes, his eyes are silver again!

Ultra Instinct, this is what they call it, the vibes were so powerful I jumped off bed, the music was so ass-kicking, Goku easily avoids the 2nd wave of Ki Blasts, and Beruus is so damn happy! His smile is priceless!

Can Goku maintain his Ultra Insintct form? Is he going to easily defeat Kefla or does she have something under her sleeves? Is it time for Jiren to wake up from his meditation?




    1. Cabba kept saying that they are the secret weapon of Universe 6, maybe because they are sisters, and maybe because of some story that we still don’t know yet (maybe revealed in the next Arc). I don’t think we will see Vegito, I hope Vegeta knocks Toppo off and fights Jiren, he still got some secret weapon under his sleeves, he probably already achieved Ultra Instinct (or some parts of it).

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