We shouldn’t buy pirated games anymore

How many times have you bought a bunch of AAA games for barely a 20.000 LBP (13$)? Many times? I did too. I used to go to the store around the corner and grab the latest games in plastic bags, install them all and enjoy playing, but not anymore.

When I was a young kid, I barely had any pocket money, and online shopping wasn’t so trendy at that time, at least in Lebanon. I never owned any Credit Card, and probably didn’t know that these games exist in an original version priced at 60$.

So I bought these games, and I later I knew that yes these games are pirated, and we can’t play online using them but who cares, they are cheap, I never thought I’d be able to play a game if I had to buy it originally. Then I started bragging about it “hey we have cheap games, I can grab a whole bunch of em with less than 20$“.

Years have passed and eventually, I owned a Credit Card, and so I had 2 options, either to keep buying pirated games or begin spending real money. Here’s why I chose the 2nd option:

  • When I finished a game, the credits begin to roll, and I realized that  a team varying from tens to hundreds of members have worked on this game, some games are developed in a duration of 3 years if not even more, these people have salaries and in case of indies, they had no money at all. Would I accept people robbing a product that I worked on so much?
  • Many times the copy would be corrupted, either the installation didn’t work or the game was filled with bugs, I couldn’t tolerate these versions, and usually, when a copy is available on the market, it never gets an updated version. Why not enjoy bug-free games with latest updates and patches?
  • A Game isn’t just a program that does a specific set of actions, there are people who work so hard on these games, creative people, genius people, and they truly make games magical, so each game is actually a piece of art. So it’s not just that they deserve the money because they are providing a product, they deserve money as a gift for their excellence. Why shouldn’t we consider that us paying for the game is an encouragement for these people to continue on making great games (especially indies)?
  • Playing online. If you enjoy playing a game for about 50 hours, you would enjoy the online experience much more. Why should I prevent myself from online experience?

Since I started buying original games, I have discovered these important things:

  • Games are cheaper after a while, you don’t need to rush and buy the game when it’s 60$, you can find lots of big games on Steam with a price tag of 3$, 7$ and 10$.
  • There are lots of sales, real sales, a new game might go on sale from 60$ to 40$, there are lots of offers online.
  • It is more satisfying to play a single game every month, not 5 games at the same time, and it’s more satisfying to play a game with all possible updates, fixes, and DLCs.

Concerning the money, you can save, not everyone is born with a golden spoon in his mouth, we can save to buy our favorite game and trust me it just feels good, I don’t know why.


  1. we will always play and use pirated games and programs until they give us a reasonable prices maximum 20$ for any game on any console (pay me money 2 buy original games if u want) 🖕

    1. If a game that was developed over a period of 3 years (let’s take Assassin’s Creed Origins as an example) should be priced at 20$, then what about smaller games or indie games? 10$ or 5$? Is it fair that the price difference between Assassin’s Creed and some Barbie game is only 10$? If the price is 20$ then you won’t enjoy another pirated Assassin’s Creed game in the future. You’ll end up with no games to play.

  2. Yeah and also making you pay 60$ for a game which then 120$ for bad dlc just to take your money, like EA microtransaction or giving 20$ more for 1 skins…..

    1. Microtransactions and DLC are like the creme and chocolate you add at Starbucks, they are optional, I’m not saying EA was right in doing so with BattleFront. But honestly I wouldn’t also buy a DLC if it’s too expensive, the base game should be enough. Buy DLC’s only when they go cheaper and only when you really want that additional experience.

  3. oh btw do u know what happens when the game gets old? i hang the cd on the wall like a picture coz no hody wants 2 buy it its a tottal waste of money (u r not answering why)…no answer i gusse 🖕🖕

    1. Well if you intend from the first place to sell a game then you must know well when something can be demanded by others in order to sell it at the right time (before you hang it on the wall). Personally, I enjoy collections so honestly the idea of hanging a CD on the wall is really cool for me. 😉

      1. if its cool for u then u r not a normal human am not gonna argue with u check ur blog name (ahbal blog) how am supposed 2 argue with ahbal? gd luck ahbal ✌

    2. So paying for a game and playing it for let us say 60 hours or 70 or even more, and u want to sell the cd? Ok next time go to the cinema, pay $10 watch the movie and return to the ticket booth tell them you want half your money back because u watched the movie…
      Games like Witcher 3 which i played at least for 400 hours deserves the full price tag which i did pay for

      1. lol buddy almost every game is over priced ok check this (buy game for 60$ make psn subscription for 60$ a year) if u buy dlc for 40$ so i payed 100$ a game without the psn service + i have 2 have a high wifi speed and mb’s is it worth 2 waste all my money??

        1. Dude, 1- almost all games aren’t overpriced cuz they deserve this payment, developers worked years on a game, and they even paid a lot for 3d models in the game, + all their time designing and coding . They do all this to give gamers a great experience , and so they can get the payment they deserve.
          2- it’s you’re own f****** problem if SONY makes u pay 60$ for PSN SUBSCRIBTION !! Not game developers problem! Go get a pc or something better than this ps4 u have ! Or don’t play online, or just don’t complain!! This psn subscribtion have nothing to do with the game price! Go thank sony for it!

        2. Oh and about you’re net speed that u pay a lot, also not game developers problems! It’s ur problem that ur country don’t provide good internet

  4. i payed 1200$ for high spec pc downloading cracked games and am playing most of them online this is how people react to overpriced games ^_^

    be reasonable my friend
    am sure they spent alot if years making the game but its overpriced

    1. You do realize that they spend money as well when developing these games right? And it isn’t just something that happens over night, they put a lot of money. resources, and effort into making these games. No one is forcing you to buy these games, you can buy games such as “terraria” for only 5 – 10$.

  5. I did not know what pirated games were before I discovered steam, I used to have a soft modded ps2 to play those 3000 LBP games and would usually buy my games from the corner store. It was a shock when I realised that was illegal 5 years ago. I eventually rebought all my collection, 653 games and counting. This may sound like a lot but with sales and bundles it amounts to barely 400$. My reasons to move from pirated to legal are the same as yours and I’ll never go back to piracy and will always oppose it.

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