What it really means to begin a new year

Five…Four…Three…Two…One… Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Yeah yeah yeah we all like this song and the goosebumps we get when we live this moment, but now we are back in bed, and we’re going to sleep our first night of the new year, we take a moment and we think, about…

I advise you to listen to this wonderful masterpiece by Hans Zimmer while reading the next parts so you can “live the moment” or “t3ish el la7za”, you know just adding a drama effect…

Ok so it’s a new year, you must be telling yourself now “Damn I’m getting old” and you’re remembering how it was during last year’s new year’s eve, you’re trying to compare it, but no matter what the difference is, there is a fact that a full year has passed and it cannot be rewound.

It’s important to ask yourself some questions because we usually sink in the routine of life until we lose control of our life, it is like driving a car every day taking the same route, eventually you’ll find yourself driving the car without too much thinking because it’s repetitive (that’s how Goku achieved Ultra Instinct) <- If you don’t know what I’m talking about just ignore it.

So yes we sink in the routine and moments like this (new year’s eve) are important like an electric shock that wakes us up from this slumber, and so we need to ask some questions:

  • Have I used my last year and the time given to me in the best way?
  • Have I accomplished my goals?
  • Have I hurt anyone?
  • Have I been good?
  • Do I know what must be done to be satisfied in this new year?
  • Can I achieve some of my goals?
  • Can I make a change?
  • and many many many more…

You may answer some of these questions but maybe not all, you may write down somewhere the list of your goals for this new year, but are you sure you won’t forget about them tomorrow? Will you let life drag you again to that sickening routine?

It’s time to make a change because we all need it, we must have the will and we must remind ourselves everyday about it, put an alarm or something, I don’t know, a reminder, ask Google Assistant to remind you everyday about your goals and dreams, make sure you plan and use your time well. Time is the most expensive thing! But you can’t really buy it! No one is selling it!

Hope you enjoyed the music!

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